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Register to the e-WMS

This means that you have already registered using that ticket, simply login to access e-WMS. Contact your sales provider if you are unable to log in.

This means that your ticket is not valid, please double check the correct code entry in the registration form.

Usually the confirmation email for the successful registration arrives after a few minutes at the latest. If it has not arrived, try checking in the spam or try logging in to receive a new confirmation email.

Quadrans Foundation and the blockchain

Quadrans is an open-source, public, decentralized platform enabled by blockchain technology with the mandate to build a digital infrastructure that combines customizable data sharing, cryptography and smart-contract automation and establish a self-governed digital economy between businesses, institutions and individuals globally.

Established in April 2018, the Quadrans Foundation was created to serve the interests of the community. Many experts from all over the world have joined the Foundation to dedicate to the constant improvement of Quadrans and educate the general public to the use of new decentralised data models.

The Foundation collaborates with institutions, government agencies and academic partners to enable the paradigm shift from centralised to decentralised systems.

For more information please visit the official Quadrans Foundation website

A blockchain is a digital record of transactions. The name comes from its structure, in which individual records, called blocks, are linked together in single list, called a chain.

Each transaction added to a blockchain is validated by multiple computers on the Internet. They work together to ensure each transaction is valid before it is added to the blockchain. This decentralized network of computers ensures a single system cannot add invalid blocks to the chain.

When a new block is added to a blockchain, it is linked to the previous block using a cryptographic hash generated from the contents of the previous block. This ensures the chain is never broken and that each block is permanently recorded.

If you want to know more about blockchain visit the article on the Wikipedia free encyclopedia

A decentralized blockchain Unique ID is a pseudo-anonymous identifier for a person, company, object, etc. Each Unique ID is secured by a private key. Only the private key owner can prove that they own or control their identity.

Each Unique ID is often associated with a series of attestations issued by other Unique ID, that attest to specific characteristics of your identifier. In the Electronic World Marketing Summit your Certificate of Attendance is associated to your blockchain Unique ID.

The E-certificates are a particular type of unique Token on the Quadrans blockchain: your E-certificate is one-of-a-kind object that attest your participation in the e-WMS and is to be preserved. Your E-certificate, registered in your wallet, will be uniquely associated with your digital ID and internationally recognized as generated by Kotler Impact.

Make sure you have completed your account and wallet at www.e-wms.org, in your profile settings. If not, you must complete your profile by completing the required fields, clicking on "Create Wallet" and clicking on Save. If you have completed your profile and create your Wallet you will receive an email to your address where you will find all the instructions to download your E-certificate in PDF format.

Masterclassess and Short Learning Program

on the right down of the player you can find the icon representing headphones, click on the icon and choose among the language available, the audio will change into the language selected. you can always choose to go back on the original language (english) clicking on the same icon.

The short learning program of the eWMS 2020 are created by the Kotler Universitiy in cooperation with Universit√° Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO following the didactic model of teaching and learning by distance of prof. Maria Amata Garito.

In order to accede to the program you must follow the link received with the confirmation letter sent by eWMS 2020.

The link will direct on the e-learning platform of MAG-UNINETTUNO.

Register yourself into the platform following a few easy steps and agree with terms and conditions.

Once registered you will receive by email the confirmation of registration by the next three days.

Once received the confirmation you can access the online short learning program available on the UNINETTUNO e-learning platform and start your study.

The Short learning program has a duration of four weeks.

During the four weeks it is requested that you watch all the videos available, complete the online exercises when requested, download all the multimedia material related to each lesson.

The system will trace your study activities on the platform, certificate will be issued only if all the steps are completed.